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Praying by Hand, Praying with Beads -

A Universal Form of Prayer

By and large, the only reference most Christians of other denominations have for prayer with beads is Catholics and their rosaries. This devotional landscape is however now changing in remarkable ways. Various forms of prayer with beads are developing within Anglican, Lutheran, and Protestant contexts, in addition to the creation of an Ecumenical Miracle Rosary by a Lutheran pastor. And as our societal constituency becomes increasingly pluralistic religiously, it is of interest for members of all faiths to become aware that this is not just something members of their own religion do, but that it is truly a universal form of prayer. And when we become aware of a spiritual practice that has emerged throughout the human family in different cultural and faith contexts but which has little or no place in our own spiritual lives, we have to ask ourselves the question, "Am I missing something helpful here?"

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ISBN: 978-08091-5445-6 (paperback)

Christian Unity: How You Can Make a Difference

Using personal stories and concrete recommendations, Ryan offers practical examples of how lay persons and pastors, interchurch couples and religious communities, social action groups and people in the business community can contribute to the lived experience of unity among Jesus� followers.

Christian Unity also gives voice to the experience of others from around the continent and beyond who have shared the journey with in-depth experience in particular domains of ecumenical endeavor.

Challenging each church member to be tangibly involved in the work for Christian unity, this book offers specific, attainable ideas for living out Jesus� twin imperatives of mission and unity. It is ideal for parish study groups who want to deepen their engagement with other parts of the Christian family. It is also a valuable resource for students of theology, Christian ministers, and lay movements.

In the words of one reviewer, �Christian Unity �s an extraordinarily useful, up-to-date, and informative resource showing Christians how they can make a difference in realizing the prayer of Jesus that they may be one.�

We are witnessing the emergence of a new reality: the priority of Christian community over a purely doctrinal approach. And the implications are both profound and exciting. The question framed for the reader is: If you are not already doing so, how might you participate and make a difference there, where you are?

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ISBN: 978-0-8091-4950 (paperback) PRICE: $22.95 ISBN: 978-1-58768-549-1 (e-book)

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Remember to Live! Embracing the Second Half of Life

This is a book about the importance of living your life now, about �remembering to live� by keeping your priorities clearly before you and using your time, talent, energy, and material resources accordingly. When we face the fact that this precious gift of life on planet earth is not given in limitless supply, it clarifies our vision and intention. We stop putting things off for �some day.�

None of us can escape the sobering reminders of our finitude like aging, illness, loss, death. The question is, how do we deal with those reminders? With fear and trepidation? Or with a desire to learn the lessons they have to teach and to continue growing through our encounter with them? Engaging with the themes in this book, whether with reference to ourselves or loved ones, is an invitation to more conscious, fuller, and deeper living.

Remember to Live! is grounded in the reality of people�s lives and has been enriched by the reflections, testimony, and experience of family, friends, and participants in retreats that the author has led over the past fifteen years. It is a resource that people will go back to time and again as one or the other of these realities associated with the second half of life touches them personally.

At the end of each chapter are reflection questions, exercises, poems, and prayers to help readers do their inner work.

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ISBN 978-1-61643-134-1 1 Price: $19.95

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Living the Eucharist

This is a new, comprehensive parish program that has, at its core, one crucial objective: to help Catholics involve themselves more fully in the Eucharist so that they connect the celebration of this sacrament more closely with the mission of Jesus and the Church. Living the Eucharist takes place over three years, with a concentration on Lent.

Living the Eucharist contains materials for small groups, families, teens, individual devotional reading, bulletin inserts, and a manual to help a leadership team implement this parish-based ministry. It provides real assistance in helping Catholics today understand themselves more fully as ambassadors of Christ�s love, sharers of his grace, and agents of his kingdom.

The work of a writing team composed of Rita Ferrone, Frank Mercadante, Catherine Maresca, Thomas Ryan CSP, Frank DeSiano, CSP, and Kenneth Boyack CSP, Living the Eucharist seeks to:

  • Help parishioners embrace the full meaning of the Eucharist
  • Lead them to encounter Christ in new and transformative ways
  • Foster more active and intentional participation in Sunday Mass and parish life
  • Demonstrate new ways to live as Catholics and proclaim the Gospel in today's secular culture

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(2011 Published by Paulist Evangelization Ministries www.pemdc.org Phone: 202 832 5022)

Interreligious Prayer: A Christian Guide

Interreligious Prayer is a compass to help Christians find their way responsibly in the increasingly frequent interreligious encounters occasioned by national holidays, school assemblies, and religious festivals, as well as in communal responses to events such as war and peace, tragedies or natural disasters. The book addresses head-on the questions that inevitably arise in these encounters, such as "What is the basis for coming together to pray?" and "Are there any boundaries?"

Fr. Ryan provides four different forms of interreligious prayer: "just being there," multireligious prayer, integrative religious prayer, and leadership of prayer at a multifaith gathering; examples of each form are given. The text details practical considerations relating to planning, and an appendix presents a compilation of prayer resources from Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Baha'i, and American Indians that might be used in varying kinds of interreligious services.

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ISBN: 978-0-8091-4513-3 PRICE: $12.95

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Soul Fire: Accessing Your Creativity

Creative energy is inherent in each of us, burning like a fire deep within our souls. By ignoring it, we risk extinguishing our creative spirit and disconnecting from an aspect of ourselves that gives life's pursuits and relationships meaning. But fuel it and you unlock the secret to lifelong spiritual vitality and regeneration.

Addressed particularly but not only to those in the second half of life, Soul Fire shows you how to cultivate your creative spirit as a way to encourage personal growth, enrich your spiritual life and deepen your communion with God. It explores the nature of creativity, offers paths and practices for developing your creative potential, and celebrates the gifts that come to you when you tap into it.

Each chapter provides questions for reflection to help you identify your creative energy, overcome your insecurities, and connect with your chosen method for expression. Practical exercises at the end of each chapter help you awaken your creative spirit within.
Learn how to:

  • Listen to Your Longings
  • Unleash the Power of Imagination
  • Surrender to the Adventure
  • Awaken More Fully to Life

Whether you are drawn to painting, dancing, music, cooking, writing, gardening or sculpting, whether a novice or an expert, whether young adult, middle age, or golden age, here is an invigorating call to set free your creative potential.

(2008 - www.skylightpaths.com - Phone: 800-962-4544)

ISBN: 978-1-5947-3243-0 PRICE: $16.99

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"A seductively brave demonstration of the challenge to 'Surrender to the Adventure.' Friendly and even almost confidential in [its] manner, delicious in [its] challenge. . .more than enough to inspire and encourage others--regardless of their professed or practiced faith--who seek an enlightened, emboldened path of spiritual creativity." Publishers Weekly

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Reclaiming the Body in Christian Spirituality

This book addresses those who cycle, swim, ski, jog, garden, dance, play ball, practice yoga, engage in manual labor, work for justice, care for the earth and make love. It's central issue and focus is the place of the body in the spiritual life….It relates to all those on the planet who walk upright on two legs and who have the capacity for self-reflection. In short, the question is this: What are the implications of our embodied being for the way we go to God?

Reclaiming the Body in Christian Spirituality examines the role of the human body in the Christian spiritual life. With its liberating and inclusive approach to spirituality, it invites us to recover a conviction of the goodness of our bodies and how God created us, so that we can reclaim a positive, healthy attitude toward our individual bodies, toward the body of believers who make up the Church, toward the societal community around us and the “earthbody” of the natural world.

Editor and contributor, Thomas Ryan, is joined by James Wiseman, Jim Dickerson, Casey Rock, and James Hall in providing this unique overview of Christian attitudes toward the body, and the ways of integrating personal spiritual practices with political, social, and environmental justice.

(2005 - www.paulistpress.com - Phone: 800-218-1903)

ISBN: 0-8091-4295-3 PRICE: $16.95

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The Sacred Art of Fasting: Beginning to Practice

The Sacred Art of Fasting serves as a welcoming introduction to the whys and ways of fasting. This ancient practice has roots in nearly every religion around the world. In different forms in different faiths, people fast as an expression of God-consciousness, humility, repentance, purification, and concern for others.

A companion for the reader's journey as well as a practical guidebook, The Sacred Art of Fasting shares helpful insights that will inspire readers to begin or deepen their own fasting practice through a comprehensive look at fasting as practiced in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Latter-day Saints. There are also inspiring reflections from people who practice fasting, and advice on how to incorporate fasting into the spiritual life.

A winner in Spirituality and Health magazine's 2005 Best Spiritual Books Awards in the Spiritual Practice category.

"The Sacred Art of Fasting is a feast of words that cannot fail to delight all who partake of it. With an economy of words and a reader-friendly style, Ryan has penned a work of substance."

(2005 - www.skylightpaths.com Phone: 800-962-4544)

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ISBN: 1-59473-078 PRICE: $15.99

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Hopkins: The Mystic Poets

Gerard Manley Hopkins (1844-1889), Christian mystical poet, is beloved for his use of fresh language and startling metaphors to describe the world around him. Beneath the surface of this lovely verse lies a searching soul, wrestling with and yearning for God. Hopkins writes from a Christian background, and yet his themes speak to people of all faiths who seek a deeper understanding of the presence of God in all of life.

This beautiful sampling of Hopkins�s poetry, with an expository preface by Thomas Ryan, offers a glimpse into his unique spiritual vision that continues to inspire readers throughout the world. The poems unite his two devotions, presenting mystical images of Christ in the natural world, which serve as a window through which you might also begin to see the Divine Presence in the world around you.

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ISBN 1-59473-010-5 Price: $16.99

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Yoga Prayer - DVD

Imagine what it would feel like to pray with your whole body--how powerful your prayer could become! For centuries, yoga has been used to prepare the body for meditation and communion with the divine. Now, with Yoga Prayer, Thomas Ryan offers an embodied practice to renew and invigorate your connection to God.

On this DVD there is a 3 minute introduction, 32 minutes of yoga prayers, a 50 minute instructional section teaching you the postures employed in the yoga prayers, and a 5 minute reflection on why it should make good sense to Christians to engage their bodies more fully in their spiritual lives in general and their prayer in particular.

Join Fr. Ryan as he guides you through prayerful posture sequences, each invoking a different attitude of the heart and mind in prayer, manifested through the body. Two gentle warm-up yoga prayers to inspiring music bring you to a place of inner quiet, followed by five more moving posture flow prayers that engage the whole person in graceful acts of worshipful praise, thanksgiving, and supplication.

  • "The Grail Prayer" opens us to personal transformation through loving service
  • "I Lift Up My Soul" cultivates our trust in God
  • "How Lovely" renews awareness of the beauty of God's dwelling place, both within and without.
  • "Peace Prayer" expresses the desire to become an instrument of peace
  • "Take, Lord, Receive," offers one's entire self in surrender to God

"Salvation doesn't mean getting out of this skin, but being transfigured and glorified in it." Here is a practice that invites you to come home to your body as a temple of the indwelling presence of God. With Yoga Prayer you have a doorway to use the precious gift of your body to revitalize your prayer in a whole new way.

Produced by Paulist Productions, Inc. 2004

Distributed by Sounds True, Inc. Phone: 800 333-9185

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Four Steps to Spiritual Freedom

"The most important question in the spiritual life", said Thomas Merton, "is not: 'Are you happy?' but 'Are you free?'"
This book works in a fresh way with the four major themes of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, casting them as four steps to spiritual freedom:

  • Know Who You are;

  • Live Your Calling to the Full

  • Let Go of Results

  • Daily Rededicate Your Life to God

Describing spiritual freedom as the ability to think and act without external or internal compulsions, the author makes clear through a variety of intimate stories and illustrations from his own and others' lives what each step looks like when it is lived in concrete terms.
For anyone on a spiritual path in the midst of daily life and work, Four Steps to Spiritual Freedom offers carefully and loving delineated guideposts along the way.

(2003 - www.paulistpress.com Phone: 800-218-1903)

ISBN: 0-8091-4145-0 PRICE: $16.95

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Prayer of Heart and Body
Meditation and Yoga as Christian Spiritual Practice

Prayer of Heart and Body is a down-to-earth, how-to guidebook for the beginning meditator as well as a reliable compass check for the experienced.

In Part I, on "Prayer of the Heart" or meditation, the author identifies what is distinctive about the way a Christian meditates, drawing on the rich resources of both Western and Eastern prayer traditions to make a compelling case for contemplative prayer as a universal birthright for all Christians.

There have been books either on Centering Prayer or Christian Meditation, yet this one treats them both as closely related expressions of a long tradition of a deep, interior prayer traceable to Christianity's first centuries.

Part II, on "Prayer of the Body," sets forth several ways that yoga can help a Christian pray. As a Christian counselor and guide, Ryan reflects on the experience of yoga practice in the light of sound theological understanding. As a certified yoga instructor, he offers comprehensive practical recommendations including illustrated warm-ups and postures for all ages.

Written for contemporary Christians who seek a deeper and more satisfying prayer life, this is a companion volume to Disciplines for Christian Living.

Now in its 6th printing, Prayer of Heart and Body remains a primary resource for the many Christians who have discovered meditation and yoga and are looking for help in rooting them in the soil of their own faith.

"Probably the most complete and accessible Christian introduction now available," Fr. Kevin Flynn, St. Paul's University, Ottawa.

(1995 - www.paulistpress.com Phone: 800-218-1903)

ISBN: 0-8091-4056-X PRICE: $15.95

Disciplines for Christian Living
Interfaith Perspectives

"I feel a desire to go deeper in my relationship with God. But how can I express this in my daily life?"

This questions commands a concrete and applied response, the author contends, and the answers he gives are straightforward spiritual disciplines for daily life that most people probably have never thought of in that way-taking time for friendship, living with a sabbath rhythm, exercising regularly, and practicing presence to what is happening now.

Ryan shares the wisdom and insight he learned from his travels and experience with othe rworld religions and teaches us how to integrate the emotional, physical, and intellectual aspects of our lives into our relationship with God through a reordering of the priorities in daily life.

Written for contemporary Christians who have little free time and many demands on their attention, Disciplines for Christian Living is an outstanding "How-To" Guidebook that opens the treasure chest of Christian spirituality and tells us how to use its contents to love God in a more meaningful, practical, and personal way.

"I am convinced that this book will be of great help and support to the many people who have a deep faith in Jesus but are at a loss when they look for ways to practice it in their busy and always changing lives." - Henri Nouwen

(1994 - www.paulistpress.com Phone: 800-218-1903 )

ISBN: 0-8091-3380-6 PRICE: $14.95

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A Survival Guide for Ecumenically Minded Christians

Survival means more than simply getting by. It means sailing through and triumphing over. After a frank look at the present ecumenical moment, Thomas Ryan presents a series of positive reflections on the kind of unity we are seeking, the richness of an ecumenical approach to church history and Christian spirituality, the importance of ecumenical friendships and the qualities needed for the journey.

(1989. www.alibris.com)

ISBN: 2-89088-389-2

Wellness, Spirituality and Sports

Noting that the Wellness Revolution claimed to be holistic in its approach, but gave scant attention to the dimension of spirit in a person's life, the author provides a spirituality for wellness, reflects on what makes for genuine leisure and play, and applies it to a range of fitness activities popular today with special chapters on running, swimming, skiing, and dancing. This book presents a holistic spirituality that enables active people to prize their sporting experiences as integral to their life of faith.

"Wow! A joyous, loving, exuberant book that produced tears in my eyes, love in my heart, and smiles on my face. Fr. Ryan brings to life that wondrous mixture we feel physically from using our body in sports plus the deep sense of reverence that exercise brings to our soul." - William D. Manahan, M.D., Founder and Director, Wellness Center of Minnesota.

ISBN: 0-8091-2801-2

(1986 - www.alibris.com )

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Tales of Christian Unity
The Adventures of an Ecumenical Pilgrim

In preparation for his work with the Canadian Centre for Ecumenism, Thomas Ryan spent a year visiting the leading Christian centers of Europe, England, and the Near East. His adventures were many. He explored the underground cities of Cappadocia, traveled in the Sinai desert with scholars and celebrated the Holy Weeks of both Eastern and Western Christians in Jerusalem. He stayed in a Coptic desert monastery, attended an audience of the Coptic Pope Shenouda III in Cairo, and became one of the few Roman Catholics to sojourn inside the Orthodox monasteries of Mount Athos in Greece. Several months of study at the International Ecumenical Institute at Bossey, Switzerland were followed by a summer searching for common ground with Anglicans at the Canterbury ecumenical school.

This book, described by some readers as a theological and historical novel, is the story of Ryan's journey, but more importantly a record of his discovery of the richness of the Christian traditions and his emerging understanding of the realities and hopes of contemporary ecumenical dialogue.

(1983 - www.alibris.com).

ISBN: 0-8091-2502-1

Fasting Rediscovered
A Guide to Health and Wholeness for Your Body-Spirit

Fasting is worship. Fasting is ministry. Fasting is an act of religious joy. Fasting is an act of faith, hope and love. Fasting is prayer and meditation. Fasting leads to deeper union with God. Fasting is restful. Fasting helps us to celebrate.

Are these wild claims? Not according to Thomas Ryan, a Paulist priest who takes us on a journey through the Old and New Testaments into the centuries of the Church to take a look at fasting as a religious act.

Fasting Rediscovered: A Guide to Health and Wholeness for Your Body-Spirit is a treasurehouse of information, experience, theology, history and practical help and hints for anyone who wishes to look at fasting as a religious act. Fr. Ryan's book is a refreshing new look at fasting for those who seek wholeness and holiness in the unity of body and spirit within the religious experience of Christianity.

(1981 - www.alibris.com)

ISBN: 0-8091-2323-1

PRICE: $14.95

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