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Selected articles appearing in Koinonia, a quarterly newsletter of the Paulist Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations Office:

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What's to Celebrate in the Ecumenical Movement?

Buddhist and Catholic Monks Dialogue About Celibacy

No Substitute for Personal Encounters

Spiritual Ecumenism: Fiber or Fluff?

Islam: Peace through Surrender

The Eastern Orthodox Christians in Our Midst

Christians and Jews: Redefining the Relationship

U.S. Catholic Bishops to Join Historic New Christian Alliance

Buddhist � Catholic Dialogue

Overcoming Global Hatred:
Nurturing Respect and Understanding Among Different Faiths

The Island of Iona and its Abbey

Parish Ecumenical Representatives

Christians and the Passover Seder Meal

Full Communion: the Catholic Understanding

Proclamation and Dialogue: Partner Expressions of Evangelization

Meeting the Relatives: Making Sense of the Christian East

Ecumenism and Evangelization: Working the Fit

Selected articles published in periodicals:

What Does It Mean Today To Be Ecumenical?

Religions and the Environment: Being an Earth-honoring Christian

Christians and Reincarnation

The Catholic Church's Conversion Experience

What Does it Mean to be Ecumenical?

Called to be the One Church

The Ecumenical Landscape

Taiz�: A Parable of Reconciliation

Jacques Dupuis: Pathfinder for our Times

A Report on the Fourth Parliament of the World's Religions

Catholic Perspectives on Interreligious Relations

Christ and/or Aquarius?

Four Communities Join Hands For More Effective Mission

Meditation on Christian Unity Efforts While Walking a Labyrinth

Selected newspaper columns:

Catholics and Buddhists - Solidarity on Climate Change

Lent, Easter, Ramadan: Christian-Muslim Resonance

The Catholic Reformation

The 500th Anniversary of the Reformation: A Year of Unparalleled Opportunity

Catholic-Muslim National Dialogue

The Protestant Reformation: Positive Aspects

The Reformation: The Disagreements Weren't as Deep as We Thought

Churches Looking Together Toward 2017�and Beyond

Progress Towards Unity for Lutherans and Catholics

Approaching the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation

Ecumenism and Interfaith Harmony: What�s the Difference?

Faith Over Fear: Choosing Unity Over Extremism

The Future of the Interfaith Movement

The Church: Towards a Common Vision

The Role of the Personal in Ecumenism

Give Me To Drink: Prayer for Christian Unity

ISIS and the Importance of Christian-Muslim Relations Here

Gospel Call Ecumenical Missions

Catholics and Anglicans: Upon What Do We Base Our Morals?

The Mindful Revolution and Christian Meditation

Give Your Fasting Two Wings

The New Evangelization in Our Cultural Context

Slow Start-up in Your Lenten Practice? A Proposal

Perspectives from Protestant Observers at Vatican II

Vatican II After Fifty Years: Dialogue and Catholic Identity

Muslim-Catholic Regional Dialogues Celebrate Past, Look to Future

9/11 Interfaith Unity Walk

Come, Holy Spirit!

The Spiritual Landscape of the Millennial Generation

The Consolation of Easter

Fasting: Time for a Fresh Look?

The Lights of Christmas

United for Change: Eavesdropping on Muslims

Christian Unity: A Gospel Imperative

Clergy Beyond Borders in a Pluralistic Society

The Pentecostal Revival and the Ongoing Outpouring of the Spirit

The Ecumenical Landscape Today: An Overview and Summons

Revisioning Christian-Muslim Relations Today

Catholic and Orthodox Unity: Close Enough to Imagine

Trust: Reviewing the Fundamentals

Park 51 Islamic Center Near Ground Zero: Issues in Conflict

Bloody Sunday and the Importance of Saying "I'm Sorry"

Ecumenism Today: Looking Back, Looking Forward

Celebrating the Origins of the Ecumenical Movement

The Wonder of Christmas

Spititual Gifts in Advent

Ethics and Ecumenism: Unity, Diversity and Search for Criteria

Expanding Your Guest List

Recent Challenges in Catholic-Jewish Dialogue

Initiatives for Peace and Nonviolence within Islam

Together in Mission for the New Evangelization

The Role of the Personal in Christian Unity Efforts

Fasting: Lost Treasure?

Sign of Hope Between Two Advents: Christian-Muslim Dialogue

The New Monastics

Monasticism's Protestant Reclamation

100 Years of Prayer for Christian Unity

Something New: A Global Christian Forum

Catholic Fundamentalism

Catholic-Muslim Relations: Questions and Appraisal

Catholic-Muslim Document on Revelation Featured at Islamic Congress

Overcoming Polarization in the Church

The Resurrection of the Body: Implications

Questions for Lent

The Parliament of the World's Religions: A People's Movement

The Universal Christian Vocation

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity: A Spirituality for the Long Haul

Christmas: the Hope is Real

What Makes for Genuine Dialogue?

Buddhist and Christian Monastics Reflect on Rule of St. Benedict

Christian Unity Efforts: Side Dish or Entrée?

What's the Point of the Resurrection?

The Third Parliament of the World's Religions

Changing the World Around Us One Interaction at a Time

Fasting for Lent and for Life

The Question of LDS Baptism

Milestones in Christian Unity Efforts